Thursday, October 30, 2008

Iron Work Farm Paintout

On Oct 4, I attended the Iron Work Farm Paint Out Art Show and Fundraiser at the historic Jones Tavern in South Acton. My 8"x10"painting, which sold, shows the caretaker Brownie watering some flowers in a wheelbarrow at the Faulkner Homestead. This was painted onsite and the weather was quite chilly that day. Luckily, the sun was out and gradually made its way to the front of the building (which I then had to repaint.)

The Jones Tavern was originally built as a house but by the late 1700's was a tavern and general store. It was restored in the 1960's and had been open as a museum for only a year when it was tragically struck by lightning and partially burned. Some original pieces of furniture are now charcoal.

I would love to see this building (at one time actually two buildings) restored a second time, along with the beautiful Faulkner house.